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Bee swarm begins when a bee colony is packed in a cavity in which is too tight to continue to grow. A Queen bee begins to lay queen eggs. So that the first queen which hatches healthy will take half of the colony to begin a new family of bees. When that happens, the new queen bee and half of the colony leaves that colony to begin a new one.

A Bee Swarm consists of a large number of bees flying in a cloud that drifts through the air. It may consist of a range of 5000 to 20,000 bees. This is when bees are less harmful. Unless they feel threatened by someone or something. Then, it is not likely to sting. The queen is in the swarm, but does not lead the pack. They fly in the cloud form till they land on a branch, eave, or any other object in which they hang from as a cluster all together until they find an empty cavity with one entrance/exit to begin their hive or what we call home. Some of the bees will fly from the cluster to collect water and food.

Those bees are called Scout Bees. These scouts are the ones who look out to find a new home or cavity for the swarm. When they find a good site they return with a dance to the cluster of bees, a form of communications to lead them to their new found home. Once they enter the cavity (home) that they have found, then that is when all process to bee life begins. All bees have different job duties. Starting from the moment the queen bee lays each egg in a cell to the moment the die. Honey Bee Babies or Larvae. This is what they are called when they hatch from their cells. They are fed a nutritious substance called Royal Jelly for the next 2 to 3 days. Once they have been fed those days then from there they are ready to work their rest of their lives. They first need to clean the cells they came out of and seal it with a wax which is called Pupas.

Stages to worker bees: 1st hatching, 2nd getting fed, 3rd is feeding the Drones (male bees), 4th is learning to fly, 5th is pollinating from flowers and plants (this is mainly when they are known to be considered as worker bees), 6th removing dead bees form the hive, 7th guarding the colony (Bee Guards). This is more likely to be at the end of their life span which can be anywhere from 6 to 9 months. Drones do not have many duties but to mate with the queen and be fed. If they are still in the hive after mating season, then they get expelled from the colony. A Queen Bee can live anywhere from 3 to 6 years. All they do is mate and lay eggs in the cells to create more bees.

Bees feed off of pollen, honey and a sugary liquid called nectar. Royal Jelly is made from a mixture of nectar and pollen (Bee bread). Bees are an essential part of the agriculture industry because they pollinate fruit trees and crops for food production. This is very important to our way of life because humans depend on bees to pollinate 1/3 of the world s food supply. Without these bee, globally our food source would be down by 50%

The way All Pro Bee Removal


1- Identify your bee problem

2- smoke bees out with our bee smoker and not a vacuum

3- Open cavity to where the hive is: wall, ceiling, roof, valve box, tree trunk, etc)

4- Remove bees from hive to transport to a apiary (bee keepers)

5- Clean all cavity from bees, hive, honey, or even any rodents and or items that are not supposed

6- Seal cavity with a stain blocker to eliminate odors or pheromones to attract any bees or rodents to come back

7- Insulate cavity if needed

8- Repair opening

9- Seal entry to where bees were coming in and out

10- Warranty it when done by use

Caution Let All Pro Bee Removal do the work. It can be dangerous to you and your surroundings (people, pets) if you do not use the proper equipment and tools. It can be fatal. Not anyone can just do it. Its takes skills.