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Keeping bees alive

bees blog

Keeping bees alive, keeps us alive

Did you know that California is responsible for producing half of the US supply of fruits, nuts and vegetables?

California is one of the most important agricultural areas in North America, Bees in particular make possible cross pollination of crops and many diverse natural ecosystems.

What is pollination?

Pollination is the transfer of pollen, this leads to seed formation, making this part of the vital cycle of plants and food.

A large number of these ecosystems rely on bees for their pollination, which leads to better growth and better-tasting fruits. The American diet is based on bee-pollinated fruits and vegetables, like; avocado, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, peach, apple, apricot, almonds, etc.

Over the years bee hives have been affected by diseases, pesticides, this has been impacting the pollination in a natural way, making farmers look for commercial hives.

Relocation vs Extermination

Bees have been scaring many homeowners for a while now, yet as we can see they are a vital part of our environment. Without them agriculture would be severely affected as well as keeping our supply of food sustainable. We understand that bees can also be very harmful for some people, leading to allergic reactions because of their sting. Also allowing them to stay without them being properly handled can attract more insects to the abandoned honeycomb or rodent pests.

Bees and their honeycombs require special attention for an appropriate removal. By doing this you can prevent further infestations from other pests and reduce the risk of bees coming back to your home.

ALL PRO BEE REMOVAL services are done by professional who will work immediately and at an affordable cost so you can go back to your life and bees can go to what their usual job is: making California beautiful.